What Maternity Clothes Do I Really Need?

What Maternity Clothes Do I Really Need?
The question that all pregnant women ask ourselves ...

Women are known for having a fairly large and extensive clothing closet, but when we get pregnant, several questions start to arise: ¿how long can I wear my usual clothes? ¿How much maternity clothes do I need? ¿Do I buy multiple styles of maternity clothes or just basic ones? ¿When should I start shopping for maternity clothes? ¿Will there be maternity clothes to be professional at work? And like that, the list can grow. The truth is that now pregnant with baby2, I already have some experience in the subject and that is why I want to share the structure that I used to answer all those questions and buy efficiently.
Let's start at the beginning, recently pregnant we make few changes to our wardrobe, and we can use our usual clothes as long as they do not squeeze the abdomen area. Here I make a point, because wearing jeans or very tight dresses that are not suitable for this stage can bother us in the lower zone and I am sure that it is one of the first recommendations that the doctor gives, or at least he told me so .
From the second trimester (there will be exceptions that is a little earlier, especially if it is a second pregnancy, or multiple pregnancy), we can make a list according to our style and rhythm of life on how I want to dress, and here it is important that do it with pencil and paper. Feel free to write a plan as is on the following aspects:
- The clothing models that you repeat the most.
- Clothes that make you feel comfortable.
- The weeks that you will have meetings and professional work.
- The sports activity and frequency you do.
- The color palette that you use the most in your combinations.
- Classic style or go for the trends of the moment with pregnancy.
After writing and responding to the previous aspects, we go to the fun phase, BUY.
I give you my example, I was very clear that in my wardrobe I had jeans of all colors and models and since it is the garment that I repeat the most, I had to focus on looking for these types of pieces in pregnancy. Maternity jeans give me a lot of comfort and versatility, more with another little boy, and combinations with different styles of t-shirts can give a more comfortable or more casual look.
Regarding work, I had to wear dresses, and having established the weeks that I had to work, it was easier to know how much I should buy, so I reduced this section to a couple of basic professional maternal dresses of colors than by culture organizational was to use. This section is interesting, because depending on the model of the dresses, we can use it after the baby is born, especially the first weeks that we are still inflamed.
As I usually do Pilates once a week, this was where the dilemma came in if I bought sportswear or thought about optimizing leggings with belly support and then expanding its uses. Here I opted for the second option, and it has been a success, I can use leggings to exercise and also when I want to go out comfortable without really being sporty.
As for the colors that I usually use and that I wanted to incorporate in pregnancy "I know it is very personal", but I think that betting on the basics does not disappoint, because with accessories you can create different looks being the same pieces or changing only one of them . The colors I have chosen are black, white, blue and beige, especially in pregnancy shirts.
And if we talk about fashion in pregnancy, this is enough to write another article, but in summary we can have a middle ground, buy basic garments for the most part, without leaving aside some pieces in trend that have been released in a maternity version, such as For example, pregnancy jumpsuits, or maternity dresses for when we have outings that deserve to be much more elegant.
Do not think that I forget the number of garments, or where we can find models of beautiful maternity clothes, with quality and at good prices and if it is worth buying online. There is a website that encompasses everything for me and does not disappoint and is maternitymumma.com. They have all the styles, models, sizes, and combinations of the aspects that we have mentioned in this post. Their maternity clothes go hand in hand with current trends, and if you are more classic, they also have their section. As I am the crazy woman with jeans and T-shirts, there I found what I was looking for, especially now that my belly is starting to get very very big.
I could make a list of all my favorites and everything I have bought, but I better leave you the link of maternitymumma.com so that you can see and buy according to your needs. The amounts? I remind you that it will be linked to our budget and frequency of use when answering the previous sections, but I can assure you that it is one of the stores that does not disappoint due to its quality ratio at a competitive price.
happy shopping, and until a next delivery.