The Pregnancy Pillow or my partner's hugs?

The Pregnancy Pillow or my partner's hugs?
The great dilemma in pregnancy ...

Much is related to pregnancy with "bad sleep", and not because we do not have more sleep than usual, but because as our belly grows, the urge to go to the bathroom increases by 10, and the ninja kicks that the you drink from the womb, they make our sleep routine be affected.
It has not happened to you that when you see yourself pregnant they tell you something like: "Take advantage of sleeping, because when he is born... you will have little time..." It is not a paradox friends, it is a reality, and I am not going to lie to you. Already being a mother of one and waiting for baby2, I assure you that you have to try to sleep, and long before the baby is born. In addition to everything that affects us physically and externally our sleep, we must look for the way and options that greatly improve the conciliation of it.
Here comes the dilemma, ¿do I buy the pregnancy pillow or ask my partner to wriggle like a snake and hug me while I sleep? In my case, the snake couple model has not worked, and I have opted for the pregnancy pillow. Let's be honest, we are not going to have our partner trapped all day with us in bed, and in many cases, it is usually uncomfortable and generates a certain fear of hurting our belly. Maternity pillows are a great invention to me and deserve a standing ovation from all pregnant women.
It is important that we know how to differentiate between the pregnancy pillow and the nursing pillow, they are not the same, be careful with that. Each one has a specific purpose and are completely different designs.
The pregnancy pillow allows us to support ourselves in the areas of our body where the flat position of the bed cannot give us comfort. Imagine having many soft sheep around your belly, between your legs, neck, feet, and arms, literally, it is like being wrapped in wool or cotton. What I like the most is that, depending on the model we choose, they mold to each of the areas of the body that usually give us discomfort as the weeks progress. Here I recommend that the bigger the pillow, the better the experience with it.
It is more convenient that we have parts of the pillow left over and not that we are missing, I assure you that buying a small maternity pillow will leave us unsatisfied in the last trimester of pregnancy. I spend with the first pregnancy and I do not plan to repeat it with this one. Therefore, I did my respective research and opted for a super large pillow, my husband almost does not get into bed, but he understands that it is for a good cause, the romantic moment has to wait a few months. I bought the pillow at and my satisfaction has been 100. I wrap myself in it, and especially place it between my legs, supporting part of my belly, it relaxes me a lot, and relieves the inflammation of the legs when sleeping, what I like the most is that it is made of cotton and the feeling to the touch is very soft.
Take a look at the web that in addition to the pillow, they have an extensive catalog of maternity clothes. I'm very sorry if I create many needs for you on this page, but there are several things that are worthwhile.
¡¡Happy shopping and happy pregnancy!!