The end of pregnancy is coming, time to pack.

The end of pregnancy is coming, time to pack.
What maternity clothes to bring in our bag for the hospital?
When we enter week 36 of pregnancy, the nerves begin to take over us, although in my case, I was nervous throughout the pregnancy, new mother things. All the family members around us begin to ask us if we already have “the bag for the hospital ready”? Or, rather, if they are already at the entrance of the house, or inside the car, and so on, more comments (insert laughs).
The doubts of ¿what to carry in those bag? And, ¿how much to take? They begin to haunt our heads, and we begin to ask other mothers, our mother or look for posts related to the subject, in order to have clear ideas based on other experiences, and not take the whole wardrobe to the hospital.
The baby's bag and the mother's bag are separate aspects, and if you allow me, I share my experience, in case it can be of any use to you.
Packing two separate bags brings clear advantages, "we don't mix anything, and each one has everything organized" so that whoever accompanies us at the hospital will find it easier when we say "look for this in the xxx bag ..."
Let's start by making a list of what is necessary, what is really necessary and here is my advice:
- Personal hygiene items.
- Bath towels (this is something very personal).
- Basic makeup (if we cannot live without it, and we believe that we are going to use it).
- Slippers for the hospital.
- Breastfeeding bras and maternal or disposable panties.
- Shoes with a large opening to leave the hospital (here I advise them to be sports type that you can adjust the braids, or sandals with elastic bands. It happened to me, that my feet swelled, and I had problems to put on my shoes at the time of discharge hospital).
- Maternal pyjamas with a front opening, as the best option are gowns and not pants, because we do not know how the delivery goes and if we end up in a cesarean section as was my first experience, it will be more comfortable due to the surgery. The minimum quantity would be 3 maternal pyjamas, but it can be extended if they leave you more days in the hospital or if, on the contrary, they do not allow you to use yours and you must use those in the medical compound.
- Maternity dresses for hospital discharge, I recommend it whether it is for a delivery or a cesarean section, because whatever it is, we need clothing that does not rub against the injured areas of our body. Here, the minimum quantity would be 2 dresses, because it may happen that you get dirty while you wait for the discharge and you need a replacement.
For me, these would be the basics to carry in our bag. And now you wonder where we can get maternal pyjamas and dresses? On the website I have been impressed with their models of maternity dresses and pyjamas, there we can also buy nursing bras and other comfortable, versatile clothing items with different styles. I already have several pieces in my shopping cart, and as I go, I will soon start with baby2's bag.
Happy shopping, and happy pregnancy!