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It is with great pride, we introduce to you. "The Pregnancy Pillow"

The Pregnancy Pillow, Made Especially For Every Soon To Be Mumma Out There! Super Comfortable, 100% cotton, scientifically studied to support you and bubba while you sleep.

As a Pregnant mother, so often did i find it VERY HARD to sleep. With a belly the size of mount Everest, every little movement and turn i made, not only took about 5x as long, but also became more and more painful and uncomfortable.

I understand the struggle of becoming a Mumma (now on baby 2). The feelings in the night when the baby kicks or turns or head butts me in the bladder, its a very discomforting situation to be in and it certainly makes getting to sleep really really tough. talk about needing to wee!

Ordinary Bedding just isnt enough, i needed something to hold on to. Something to support my belly, Something soft, something cozy.

It wasnt untill i had endured 6 months of discomfort that i discovered the ultimate pregnancy game changer, "The Pregnancy Pillow" to the rescue. The comfort and support that pregnancy pillows offers is truly unlike anything else. These are pillows made to support bubba while you sleep in what honestly feels like a cloud giving you a hug.

There’s one pillow that i would like to mention, A pillow thats personally supported me through 3 pregnancies (when hubby isnt stealing it), A pillow made and tested by Mummas for Mummas.

Maternity Mumma's Giant Cotton Pregnancy Pillow! This pillow is made with 100% pure and natural cotton which makes this pillow not only great for cleanliness and insulation but above all, for comfort!

It is infused with breathable material which makes it super comfortable and cozy. You can sleep on it while watching TV on the couch, or in bed as you sleep through the night, to get FULLY supported so you can drift off in what feels like luxury comfort.

Not only is this pillow Giant (12ft long), it is also very lightweight. Maternity Mummas won’t have a problem carrying it by themselves.

Get hours of extra comfort in every trimester with this pillow, like myself and many 100's of Mummas already! This prodcut for me, literally added hours of sleep into my day.

Order today at MaternityMumma.com

With love to you and yours. xxx