Maternity bras.

Maternity bras.
What we need in a maternity bra: ¿Fashion, comfort, design or is it possible to find an all-in-one bra?

It is very likely that before we knew we were pregnant, we had some warning signs, one of them, and very noticeable, is given by our breasts. We begin to feel sensitivity, they become more tense and enlarge much before the belly, at least it was my case in my first pregnancy, and I am living it now with the second sweet wait. I know I am not the only one who is sorry, and if you are reading me, you will agree that sooner rather than later, our bras begin to bother us, and this becomes much more uncomfortable as the weeks go by.
One option that can help us to improve these discomforts are maternity bras, and if we buy them from pregnancy, we can give them a lot of use, more if we think about breastfeeding our baby.
Why buy maternity bras from pregnancy? Because they are designed for our comfort from pre to lactation. Knowing in advance that we must buy them at least a couple of sizes above our usual size, these bras allow us to be more comfortable, even to sleep if you do not usually wear any type of bra, it is convenient to use them, because as our breasts become They prepare to receive the baby, when we move, friction bothers us and keeping them firm, reduces these discomfort.
A few years ago maternity bras were very basic, the models were not very attractive, and the comfort left to be desired, I tell you properly that I breastfed my first child for a year and a half and he is already six.
The same was not going to happen to me with this pregnancy, and that is why I started looking in different online stores dedicated to maternity for the news in terms of bras. After doing an exhaustive search, I was able to answer the question I asked myself: ¿Can I encompass fashion, comfort, and design in a maternity bra?
Bingo, the answer has been yes. I have found a page that not only has beautiful models, but the designs and textures are designed for all aspects and rhythms of life within motherhood. The website is called, and one of the aspects that attracted me the most is that all its pieces are made with comfort in mind, with sustainable material, models of bras that maintain the ideal temperature of the breasts during the day and night, and a very wide range of colors.
I do not know what style of bras you identify with, but I can assure you that at least one of them suits your personality, because they range from embroidered lingerie to sports bras, without neglecting the classic models, or the so-called 360º, which have both opening upper and lateral to be more comfortable when breastfeeding the baby.
On the page I not only found the bras I needed, but also a wide collection of maternity clothes, which hooked me both with their super top models and the value for money.
¡Happy shopping and happy pregnancy!