How To Stay Professional While Pregnant?

Being pregnant and still working can be quite a hurdlesome thing. You not only have to take care of yourself so lil bubba is happy but also offer your work duties so the powers that be keep the paycheck coming.

However with simple steps, you can make this process easy for yourself and stay professional at your workplace, all the while remaining as comfortable as a pair of pyjamas.

Know Your Workplace Rights
First things first, you need to know your workplace rights.

A pregnant lady DESERVES to be treated with respect and leinancy, just like anyone with a disability in the workplace. No one can make you do something you do not wish to and no one can be be rude to you. Your carrying life - the most important job of all. - Your workplace will have special rights for maternity so be sure to check them out.

Plan Out Your Meals!
Planning your meals from home before work and bring them along with you, Food is so important for the development of your baby, so make sure that lunch box gets packed full! This way whenever you feel hungry, you can snack on one of your favorite meals, or the sneaky bar of chocolate hidden under that salad :).

Dress Comfortably!
Dressing professionally even when you are at work is no longer a issue for me. Not only do i dress comfortably, I also have a dress range that looks clean, professionally and more importanlty, will grow with me.

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Prepare For Events Before Hand
Prepare for all your special events beforehand. Do not leave things last minute because you never know how you feel on the last day. Pregnancy is a roller coster, heck, i had a labour bag in my husbands car for 3 months before i gave birth. Being over prepared really helped me with my anxiety levels, it was a way for me to focus my stress.

Communicate With Your Boss!
Talk to your boss with honesty and confidence, tell them everything thats going on (if you feel comfortable). This way, they will know your condition and understand they need to be easier with what they expect from you. Doctors appointments and hospital check ups are going to be frequent, for me, being open and honest was the best method. Pregnancy isnt something you want to hide (even if you could).

Plan Out Your Appointments In Break or Non Working Hours
If you ever have to go to the doctors for an appointment, make sure to plan out a time between your work breaks or at a time when you are not working BUT with that said, Your health is your number 1 priorirty, so at anytime you may need to or want to have a doctor check up on you and bubba, if you cant plan outside of work hours, simply call in, Honesty is the best policy.

We hope these easy steps help you stay professional at work! We have just launched a whole new "Working Mumma" range on our website,

So if your pregnant, and sick of being uncomfortable but want to stay professional, we have everything sorted for you.