How to buy a nursing pillow?

How to buy a nursing pillow?

Breastfeeding can be seen as a very natural activity. Ask any experienced mom, and she will tell you that it is not a walk in the park, especially in the beginning. That is why a nursing pillow is used.


A nursing pillow, also known as a baby pillow or breastfeeding pillow, is specially designed to feed babies (by breast or bottle) comfortably. Feeding pillows give the mother support on the back, neck, and spine. Normally, she would wrap her arms around her waist and hold the baby in her arms.


Choosing a nursing pillow can be a little complicated. You need to pay special attention to these features to find the right pillow for you and your baby.


Whether you are breastfeeding or not, you will need a proper nursing pillow. Not only does it help to save your arms during marathon feeding sessions (breasts or bottles), but also, everyone from your partner to the roommate and grandma will want to use it to hold the baby. Also, with some pillows, when the baby gets bigger, you can use them to lift him to get an idea of ​​what is happening nearby. It's something to do a lot in the end. Here's what to look for.


  • Good balance

If there are samples in the store, definitely try them to see how they fit. There's no denying that different mamas have different waist sizes, and you want something that fits right next to you - and that will stay in place as you feed the baby. Continue to pick up the baby doll, pull up a chair, and see how the different pillows feel as you sit holding the doll and place your arms around it. (Yes, you will feel weird, but it's worth it.)

  • Shape and firmness

Okay, now look down on the baby doll. Are you in the right position for breastfeeding? Remember that a newborn baby should lie flat on its neck, facing your breast. If the baby seems to be too tall or too low, it may not be the right pillow for you. Some mothers prefer curved breastfeeding pillows (like Boppy), while others prefer firm, soft ones (like My Brest Friend). It all depends on your body type, your feeding environment, and your preferences.


This will probably fall on your preferences. Some nursing loads are designed for U- or C to fit your abdomen, while others wrap around your waist. You may find some styles more comfortable than others.


  • Belt

Think of your life as a new mother, feeding the baby eight to 12 times a day. Would you like to get up from the meal and have a pillow fall out of it, without taking anything out? Or would you want a belt around your waist, so that you could wear it as you walk around the house - ready to serve at any time?

Some nursing loads have flexible straps or belts to help you get a customized, secure fit.


  • Cuteness and Washability


For some moms (especially those who can't decide), style is a big factor in buying a nursing pillow. Some pillows come with colorful, patterned covers that you can choose to attach to your child's crèche or living room - or simply choose the colors you like. Whether your nursing pillow is comfortable or not, be sure to bring a removable cloth cover that can be machine-washed, or purchased separately. That is one factor you will use.


  • How to use a nursing pillow

Most feeding pillows are designed to bend at the waist while supporting the baby at the right distance to reach the breast or bottle. That means there are plenty of nursing positions you can try, so try and move the baby and pillow around to find a place that works for both of you. Ideally, the baby will be leaned towards you, slightly on its side (not flat on its back), and the pillow should be as close to your body as possible to avoid getting out. You can also use a pillow to give the baby a boost when trying out specific breastfeeding positions, such as a koala hold. Once you have found a comfortable spot, your elbows should be well supported, your back straight (remember, slouch = ouch!) And the baby's mouth should fit your nipples.


But don't stop there: The best nurse pillows can be used for more than just-food. If you are pregnant, try to use it as a support while you sleep. And after the baby arrives, some types of pillows are ready to lift the baby during pregnancy or to help the baby hold the baby for the first time.

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