Gifts ONLY for the Future Baby?

Gifts ONLY for the Future Baby?
Take note and surprise the pre-mom with a list of gifts ...

When we give the great news to our family and friends that we are going to be mothers, in addition to getting excited and screaming with us, they go crazy buying endless gifts for what he or she can be. The first visits become a feast that brings with it the first of many gifts for the new member of the family. Let other future mothers tell me otherwise if this is not a statement.
But: ¿where are the future mothers? With pregnancy the party of hormones begins from minute 1 and we go from laughing to crying and vice versa in the blink of an eye, and this, friends, is increasing as the weeks go by. At this stage I think that all the details add up, there is none that remains. An important point is that they can think of us, as much or the same as he drinks. This applies to spouses, family and friends. Those closest to us, those who know our tastes and our personality, can ignite the spark of creativity and surprise us with some gifts that are useful in this stage of physical and psychological changes that we are going through until we reach the goal of maternity.
A list of gift ideas that all women like and never go over, is the "maternity clothes." The changes in our body appear at an accelerated rate, especially in a second pregnancy, as is my case, I say this properly.
From a basic pre-breast t-shirt to a legging with support for our future belly are good options.
If you know us a lot, you can include nursing bras in that list. This is another gift idea designed for us, or even as a self-gift, because the breasts change and enlarge us, before the belly, it happened to me with the first and I repeat now, and I know that many of you are in the same situation.
Increase to the list, so that they surprise us with one of the best gifts, the famous "pregnancy pillow", the one that makes us replace our husbands while we are in sweet waiting. Here I make a paragraph, the bigger the better. No matter what stage of pregnancy we are in, it needs to be mouldable so that it adapts to our body from head to toe, because everything at some point, especially at the end of pregnancy, begins to bother.
And since we are talking about sleep, maternal pyjamas are a plus on our list, a nice detail, thought about our comfort, I insist, comfort is a fundamental factor at this stage for everything that surrounds our body.
The list may continue to grow, but with these basics it can be a good start of options for us, the protagonists of giving life. To facilitate your searches, I found an online store that brings together everything that I have just mentioned and even more. This is and why do I recommend it? Because all their products are designed for comfort, that which makes us feel comfortable despite so many changes, and that does not neglect fashion, because let's not fool ourselves, being pregnant does not mean that we are dishevelled, on the contrary, we must enhance those curves whether we are working women, athletes or housewives. Beauty itself is given by pregnancy, but we can enhance it with our attitude and the products designed for us.
If you want to give this list to someone to start the gift party, or as a gift to this new stage of our lives, I will be very happy to have added value to this career in which we are not prepared in any university. Here I make a summary with my TOPs of each product on the page so that you can take a look, in view of my experience:
Maternity Gift List:
- Basic pre-breast t-shirts.
- Elastic waist Bow Tie Maternity Leggings
- Nursing Bra.
- Pregnancy Pillow.
- Maternal Pyjamas.

This stage is wonderful, and if we share our experiences, ideas and concerns among all of us, the path becomes easier, but above all we will be more prepared and trained with the stories that each one of us contributes.
If you make this gift list for family and friends, or as a self-gift, what other items of maternal clothing would you include? Think about it, and take a look at the web, which, for tastes, colours, in addition to our needs in the end become more personal, and there I think, they are quite covered.
¡Happy shopping, and happy pregnancy!