Gone are the days when maternity clothing was all about hiding your body in loose, oversized, and highly unfashionable clothes. The would-be maternity mumma of today is a fashion-conscious woman who wants to look beautiful during the entire 9 months. 

Know the maternity fashion trends in 2021 and keep yourself updated while choosing your wardrobe.

1. Colors

The color trend breaks all rules this year. The 2021 maternity fashion trends are all about blending the nude and the natural with the yellows, greens, and reds. The color palette for this yea maternity wear is all rainbow. Be it summer wear or winter, naturals are a couple with vibrant hues to make you feel all bright and nice.

2. Leggings

A simple pair of leggings has become an essential maternity wear for its sheer diversity. If leggings don’t scream comfort during your most physically exhausting months, then we don’t know what does.

With leggings becoming the favorite item of pregnancy clothing, you can find a wide range to suit your requirements. If worn the right way, leggings can be a maternity trendsetter. Leggings can be as chic or as homely as you want. Pair them up with a white t-shirt, knee high boots, and a contrast sleeves jacket for a causal maternity look. If you favor a formal look, wear slim cigarette pants with a sweater and you are good to go. Buy a basic black or gray and wear them with any top of your choice and this will take you through the entire pregnancy. 

3. Jackets

There is one piece of clothing that should find its way to your maternity wardrobe, right now -long coats and jackets. Whether you want to hide your baby bump or flaunt it, coats and jackets will help you do both. A coat, be it asymmetrical or trench, helps you protect yourself from the harsh winters in absolute style. Pair up with ribbed and nursing knit dresses, midi and maternity dresses that wrap you can wrap around and see your wardrobe make a fashion statement.  

4. Maternity Dresses

Maternity dresses epitomize pregnancy fashion. Long, short, loose, or body con, they add a zing to the journey of your impending motherhood. Choose a few styles of dresses to mix and match to suit both formal and casual occasions. A t-shirt dress is perfect for a casual maternity wear for an outing with friends. If you want something more formal, opt for a pencil dress. Bright and vibrant maternity dresses with cute prints are the in vogue this year.

Maternity Mumma and You 

At Maternity Mumma we understand the changes that your body goes through during the pregnancy. We are committed to providing you the very best maternity dresses that are a perfect mix of comfort and style. We pride in keeping ourselves updated with the latest fashion trends in maternity wear so that you can always be dressed in style. From flirty maternity dresses and super comfy leggings to chic evening wear, Maternity Mumma is your one-stop-shop for a fashionable pregnancy.
Follow the 2021 trend and witness your maternity wardrobe transform into a sartorial inspiration.