Your pregnancy has just been confirmed and it’s natural to be excited beyond words! A mini you has already started to call your belly his/ her home. Babies, whether outside your belly or inside, grow incredibly faster! As he/ she grows inside you, so will your body. Fashion might not be your top priority when you are preparing to welcome the newest addition to your family but let’s gently remind you that your existing wardrobe would have to adjust to your ever-changing body.

Read on to find out how to fashion ideas for all your pregnancy clothing.

Blazers all the way

Maternity clothing is beyond wearing a three sizes bigger t-shirt with your track pants every time you head out. Agreed that there will be days when you don’t feel like dressing up. For all such days, a well-tailored blazer paired up with your jeans and shirt becomes your savior. This look instantly elevates you from out of bed to a fashionable diva. This item when used as a maternity dress takes your style quotient a few notches up. An oversize cut or an open jacket would also provide you with maximum comfort. 

Not all would want to reveal their pregnancies outright. A stylish blazer also doubles up as your ally in hiding your pregnancy during the first trimester. Throw on a stylish open blazer and your pregnancy would be a secret for some time. 

Oversizing works wonders 

All you maternity mummas, make way for loose and oversize fits in your pregnancy wardrobe. Oversized t-shirt-, shirts and sweaters are a perfect way to lounge around at home on a lazy day. These fits would not only make you feel comfortable while pregnant, but you’d also not want to leave them even when you are back to your pre-pregnancy weight.

Belt it up

Maternity fashion is all about looking chic while feeling comfortable. Many do not consider pregnancy belts as sexy or fashionable but make no mistake, these belly bands are your best friends during your pregnancy. Your back takes a beating as you progress with your pregnancy. The belt provides the much-needed support that your lumber region. Wearing a maternity belt is all about being comfortable with your burgeoning belly. 

Layers are your hero

Layering has emerged as an unexpected hero of your pregnancy journey. It makes for an excellent fashion statement. Layering helps you to remain cool during summers as you could take off a few layers when you feel hot. The best way to layer up is to wear a flowy summer top and then covering up with a long-sleeved shrug. These shrugs are light as a feather and allow you to breathe in them. 

Live in jeans

When morning sickness and other pregnancy-related issues bring you down, comfort becomes your mantra. Maternity jeans are the best sartorial choice you can invest in. They are just as stylish as your regular ones but with more support for your body as it grows. 

Know what you like

Maternity fashion can be challenging with so many options at your disposal. Pick up a maternity style or a cut that you like and stick with it. It could be wrap skirts, jumpsuits, flowy maternity dresses. Anything that you like yourself and feel confident in. Pick up items that will either adjust as your body flourishes or are loose enough to last for a fair bit of those nine months ( if not all).

Maternity Mumma and you

At Maternity Mumma we understand the changes that your body goes through during the pregnancy. We are committed to providing you the very best maternity dresses that are a perfect mix of comfort and style. From casual maternity wear and loungewear to party and work dresses, whatever your style, we have it for you at extremely affordable prices.

With all that pregnancy brings in, what to wear should be the least of your worries. With fashion ideas shared with you above, you can now flaunt your bump in style!