Exercise During Pregnancy

Exercise During Pregnancy
Combine sport with comfortable clothing
At present, exercising while pregnant is no longer classified as risky for the baby's health, on the contrary, it benefits us both. The taboos have been left behind, as long as we have a healthy pregnancy and the OK from our doctor, we can and should exercise because it provides us with, among other aspects:
- Relief of back pain, problems with our posture and constipation.
- It can help us prevent stretch marks, varicose veins and blood clots.
- It allows us to increase the feeling of well-being, relieves our mood swings and stress.
- It helps us to increase the quality of our oxygen and, therefore, that of the baby.
- It allows us to be better prepared for delivery and to recover our figure faster and easier.
I know that on many occasions it is difficult for us to make an effort to perform exercises, because the weight of the belly bothers us, because we are very tired, or because nausea simply takes over us and the excuses, along with all the above, overwhelm us. But at some point everything returns to its course, and the stars align, so that we can begin to carry out some activity. Among the sports that I have tried during my pregnancy so far have been Pilates, yoga and hiking. I know there are many more options, but I have wanted to narrow down this group because I like to combine nature walks and at home with supervised virtual classes. Also, that my back pain, I have found to improve with these practices, including the swelling of the legs, due to fluid retention. The changes have been incredible.
While it is true that she had regular sports clothing before she got pregnant; At this stage, I have opted to buy maternity belly support sweatpants and pregnancy specific supportive stretch leggings. I needed clothes that were comfortable for me when exercising and so far I am happy with the clothes that I buy on the maternitymumma.com website. They are a store with maternity clothes in general, although there is no sports section as such, I was looking for beautiful pants, and there I could find what I was looking for: fashion and comfort.
I have also bought some models of sports-style maternity bras that give me much more support when exercising, and a plus is that they will help me postpartum to facilitate breastfeeding. If you decide to play sports and need this type of clothing, visit the web, because their designs do not disappoint.
I hope to help you, happy exercise, happy shopping and happy pregnancy.