Beauties of Pregnancy


Those two pink lines on your home pregnancy test kit change your world forever. You can't wait to hold that total ball of cuteness in your arms! However, it would 9 months before your bundle of joy enters your life. Months when your body would change more rapidly than anything in the world and you might get physically and emotionally overwhelmed with the changing hormones. 


With so much happening in your life, looking and feeling beautiful may be the last thing on your mind. It may be challenging but not impossible. 


Read on the tips on feeling and looking beautiful inside out during your pregnancy. 



1. Fight back Acne


 Did you think that acne was a part of your adolescent horror story and won’t be back?

Pregnancy writes its own rules. The hormonal changes may result in your sebaceous glands being overactive resulting in an acne flare-up. Cleanse your face twice daily with a gentle face wash and moisturize your face with an oil-free moisturizer and you’ll notice the difference soon enough. 



2. Eating Right


Pregnancy and food cravings are conjoint twins. Indulge in as many Ben and Jerry’s , chocolate eclairs or potato wedges as you want. However, remember to balance them out with healthy eating. Eating healthy is key to feeling good during your pregnancy. What you eat, your little one consumes as well. The healthier you eat, the healthy your baby would be. Load your plate with lean meat, fish, green leafy vegetables, and fresh fruits. Healthy eating lowers the risk of congenital diseases, gestational diabetes, and keeps your weight under check. Finally, keeping yourself hydrated during this time to flush out toxins .


3. Have Fun with your Hair


Pregnancy hormones are not always bad. There is an upside to them when it comes to your crowning glory. Hair loss becomes a thing of the distant past. Your hair becomes voluminous and limousine giving you the healthiest mane that you might have ever had. As the saying goes ‘Make hay while the sunshine’. Have fun with your new thicker hair! Color it, highlight it, curl it or straighten it. Just go ahead and enjoy them. If you want to go in for a haircut, give yourself a low maintenance one. Just remember to visit your doctor and make sure that it’s safe to treat your hair in your preferred way


4. Pamper Yourself


Pregnancy time is all about the mumma -to- be and her happiness. Every woman with a baby bump deserves to be pampered. You want to go to a spa and get a body massage? Go right ahead. You can even book yourself a weekend getaway. Do what your heart desires, just make sure your doctor approves of its safety.  


5. Indulge in Retail Therapy


 Yes, your belly grows quicker than you bat your eyelids but that doesn’t mean you hide under oversized clothes. Pregnancy clothing is a whole new world of comfort and style. As your belly burgeons, you need clothes that support that weight. Maternity clothing is designed with maximum comfort in mind for both mumma and her baby. Soft knits, trousers, and track pants with an elastic waistband or drawstrings and adjustable dresses, the maternity line of clothing lets you embrace your bump with all the love. Your pregnancy provides you with the perfectly legit excuse to indulge in retail therapy.



Maternity Mumma and you


At Maternity Mumma we understand the changes that your body goes through during the pregnancy. We are committed to providing you the very best maternity dresses that are a perfect mix of comfort and style. From casual maternity wear and loungewear to party and work dresses, whatever your style, we have it for you at extremely affordable prices.


Your pregnancy is a very special time for you. Fill it with love, care, and confidence. Looking and feeling good will make your pregnancy journey a beautiful one.