With pregnancy comes the biggest change of your life- your body begins to change and prepare itself for the arrival of the newest addition. With every trimester the baby bump becomes a little more pronounced and breasts a little heavier. Your ever-changing pregnant body presents a fashion dilemma of being fashionable while accommodating your flourishing bump. 


Take a deep dive into the fascinating world of maternity clothing and find out what fits would- be- mumma best.



There is just one thing that you need to remember when you shop while pregnant- Always go for maternity clothes. They are specially designed for greater comfort without sacrificing the style. The maternity clothes industry has evolved over the years and now presents the to - be- momma with a plethora of choice. From everyday jumpsuits to formal trousers and loose t-shirts to fashionable maternity dresses, your maternity wardrobe is just waiting to be revamped. 


 You might be tempted to buy clothes that are a few sizes bigger but they are going to just make you look large and frumpy. Pregnancy clothing allows ample space for bump and bust that grow rapidly and without making you look shapeless.


Comfort for Mumma and Baby


Pregnancy clothing is all about comfort. Tight clothes during this time restrict your baby’s movement and reduce the blood flow to the stomach. Wear clothes that allow ease of movement to you and let you breathe easily. Cotton is your best friend during your pregnancy. It’s soft and snugly without any synthetic material to irritate your skin. Clothes that stretch but don’t feel tight around the bump blend both comfort and style effortlessly. If you choose to wear jeans, opt for high waisted ones with an elastic band as they provide more support. If you love skirts, flowy ones give you maximum room to maneuver around.  




Each Trimester is Different 


Each trimester comes with its own challenges. What style and cut look flattering on you depends upon your body type and the trimester you are in.



First trimester: Hips, thighs, and stomach tend to gain weight during this time. Therefore, silhouettes that flow over these areas will effectively hide the weight gain during the first three months. Empire tops and dresses, soft knits, and blouson" style top also go very well during the first trimester. 



Second trimester: You will outgrow your first trimester clothes when you step in the second. At this stage invest in a few items that will take you through your last trimester as well. Clothes with side gatherings and buttons, tiebacks, and wraps will provide you the comfort you are looking for. These styles would let you adjust your maternity clothes as your body changes. 



Third trimester: The final trimester is all about comfy pants. Buy pants that are made of stretchable material for maximum comfort. By your 8th month, you gain most of your pregnancy weight. It’s therefore, an ideal time for you to buy that nursing bra you have had your eyes on.



Maternity Mumma and You


At Maternity Mumma we understand the changes that your body goes through during the pregnancy. We are committed to providing you the very best maternity dresses that are a perfect mix of comfort and style. Here we present you three casual maternity items that will surely elevate your pregnancy experience:



  • Maternity Adjustable Leggings: These ultra-comfortable soft stretchable leggings are perfect for both mamma and baby. It fits you without making you feel tight around your belly. 


  • Two-Tone Maternity Front Opening Bra: Maternity bra is everyone would be mumma’s wardrobe essential. Our two-tone maternity bra opens at the front for easy access. It’s s just the right thing when it comes to feeding your bundle of joy. 

  • Smart Casual Center Knot Maternity Dress: Says who that pregnancy is about draby clothes! This absolutely smashing center knot maternity dress will make your lunch date with your girlfriends extra special. Choose from any one of the four stunning colors that we have and show off your bump with style. 


Gone are the days when pregnancy meant a sartorial conundrum. Functionality now effectively pairs up with panache to make you feel like the diva that you are.