A lot of sleep = A lot of pyjamas

"I'm pregnant"
A lot of sleep = A lot of pyjamas
In pregnancy, everything happens to us, the hormones are celebrating, the body begins its transformation, the nerves take over us, and much more. If there is something that identifies us all (or almost all), it is that it gives us a LOT of SLEEP, and that translates into the absolute need to be comfortable when sleeping.
In the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, our body works at an accelerated rate so that our baby grows as it should be, and that makes us super exhausted all day, despite not making great physical effort. I approach the sofa, or I sit in a chair and my eyes literally close, I am a bit ashamed to be honest, especially if there are visitors at home, but I think I am more than sorry. When I think of sleep, I think of comfort, and at this stage maternity pyjamas are a fundamental piece that we must buy and have in our closet at least for the second trimester.
Wearing our regular pyjamas will never be the same as maternity pyjamas. I tell you properly that, because I didn't want to buy them at the beginning, I ended up cutting all the rubber bands on my pyjama bottoms not suitable for pregnancy, because they were too tight and bothered my belly.
As the experience is worth something, that is why I tell them future moms: "buy maternity pyjamas" or it will be the women scissorhands as I was in the beginning, so with baby2 I have been more audacious and I try not to make the mistakes of the past.
Now, ¿what type of pajamas to buy? That will depend on our particular tastes and the time of year in which we are. The important thing is that they have support for our belly, that they have an adaptable elastic if they are pants so that they grow with the belly as the weeks go by and that they are comfortable in the upper part, because at night it usually hurts and generates straps the breasts. Also, that they have the corresponding openings to later breastfeed the baby, thus the use extends beyond the postpartum period.
They have a super complete maternity pajamas proposal on the maternitymumma.com website, I leave the link so you can take a look. I particularly liked the two-piece models, both long pants and shorts, but as I told you before, the styles are very personal.
I wish you happy shopping, and if you are reading me pregnant, congratulations.