A little bit about us

As a Mumma myself, I know how difficult the pregnancy process is. It feels like every day your body changes, and clothing that fit perfectly last week no longer fits today. The only options, it seemed, were outdated and bland ‘stretchy’ clothes, clothes I wouldn't want to leave the house in, picture me explaining that one to my boss when I come to the office in my uggs and my hubby's paint stain tracksuits... It’s a nightmare! Trying to find clothes that can last throughout the pregnancy, for me, was a nightmare!

That’s the problem that sparked the creation of Maternity Mumma.

Maternity Mumma is a collection of fashionable and comfortable clothes designed to make the pregnancy process beautiful and most importantly comfortable. From the very first trimester, up until birth as we grow. Each product is stitched with care and designed to make the pregnant life easier and more fashionable while using only the highest quality materials available.

Our lineup includes anything from stylish and cleverly disguised nursing shirts, to maternity trousers and pyjamas. We know, first hand how hard it can be to find clothes that you can feel proud in, feel beautiful in, while also supporting and providing comfort and functionality for little bubba whether it being during, or post-pregnancy while you recover.

Each design is modeled after the fun and elegant stylings of modern casual New York style fashion. With slightly muted tones that provide a warm look while also remaining charming and sleek. These designs are made to make you, the proud mumma, feel just as beautiful and cute as ever no matter where you are headed.

Our maternity clothes are designed to be worn out on the town, to work, or simply out to the grocery store. Our goal is to provide a full service to active and lively mummas just like us, who need a place to get their maternity clothes without the hassle and headache.

Just because you are a mumma, doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice comfort and style. We guarantee that with our lineup you can find the best in quality, design, and comfort, all at the best price in the industry. Maternity Mumma offers clothes designed by a mummas for mummas, and that difference makes all the difference.

Take a look at our products, and see for yourself how great pregnancy and post-pregnancy can be when you have the right clothes to suit your style, personality, and needs. Because you deserve it.

- Mumma Bear